About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

our vision

The business will head as the one of the largest e commerce sites in Africa that can guarantee a trust which a business is indeed in need.

our mission

Our mission is to create platform and system for anyone who wants to transact a business deal and works as hypermarket in Advance. We are trying to create a loyal business place where the trust is the priority to keep on the track..

Core values

Commitment, dedication and great spirit to become the leader of the future in the online shopping industry of Ethiopia.

Our story

Sholamart.com resides on the Web which transfers more of the selling function to the customer, through online ordering and the use of fill-out forms, thus helping to bring transactions to a conclusion. This permits a third benefit in the form of capture of customer information.

Sholamart.com is the best possible integrated online shopping platform that Ethiopian people wish for, as there is still no trust accompanying the market.

We Bring You the whole market plus the trust.

We, Sholamart, satisfy our customers based on the easement, simplicity, availability and fastest customer support.

The world we live in is going through the fastest growth regarding commerce development. Therefore, be a part of that phenomenon.

We highly encourage our customers to visit our website so they could manage not just to buy something or sell, but to look how are capable of satisfying there pending transactions.

Sholamart gives Operational benefits of Web use for industrial sellers which can be reduced errors, time, and overhead costs in information processing.Of course we make a new market and segmentation possible for the factories, retailers by providing the stocks they need.

We are the whole market So you can be the part of the civilized world for once and overall.

Sholamart provides multiple ways to reach a diverse and exciting set of markets that are currently running through the old and primitive set of market strategy.

The business using this stream is rapidly evolving as the internet and the online paying system are too.

Sholamart provides Online Storefront, Internet Presence as advertisement front, mall and blog about the internet business in Ethiopia.